Trustmark One Brand

Trustmark is making the transition to bring all of its businesses under one Trustmark brand. Hear what our leadership has to say about the change.

Brands have power

Brands have power. For example, people standing in line for hours to buy the latest phone. Or the loyalty coffee drinkers show to their favorite coffee shop.

Now, Trustmark’s goal isn’t to achieve brand recognition from every consumer on the street. We’re narrowly focused on employee benefit brokers and consultants ― with a special emphasis on the middle market.

We found that brokers and benefits consultants almost always work with only one of our businesses, though many of you are interested in understanding and representing more of Trustmark. But, with four separate brands — Trustmark Voluntary Benefits, CoreSource, Starmark and HealthFitness — the story is too complex. So, what’s the solution?

To help make the conversation simple for you, our partners, Trustmark is moving to one brand with one story. Our goal with this change is to optimize the value we bring to you and your clients by utilizing the strengths of our entire enterprise.

“They have our back”

“They have our back.” I hear that time and time again from broker customers who work with our team at Trustmark Voluntary Benefits. Customers know that my colleagues will serve as their advocates, not only identifying problems if they arise but identifying issues before they become problems.

We put you, our customers, at the center of everything we do, from our culture to our product suite to the service we provide. The kind of relationships we build at Trustmark are meaningful. I’ve seen instances where my colleagues work with multiple generations of a family brokerage house, instances of relationships that began as business and gradually evolved into friendships. Where appreciation, mutual respect and trust are constants.

As one Trustmark, I look forward to partnering with you to build upon existing relationships and create new ones as we share our story. I hope to hear from even more of you that “They have our back.”

Alex Moral
Senior Vice President
Trustmark Voluntary Benefits

Reflecting what’s inside

While our new brand gives us a more appealing look and a clearer, simpler, more compelling story, it’s actually―and most importantly―a more powerful and accurate reflection of what’s inside: Trustmark associates. It describes us and illustrates what we stand for, how we work together and how we serve our customers.

When we say we’re caring, it really means something unique and different. When we say we put clients first, we have examples other companies would envy (or be unwilling to commit to). When we say relentless relationships, we’re talking about customer relationships that have lasted decades. We’re talking about clients that stay with us because they’ve worked with the same front-line people for years.

Other companies can’t say that. It’s a comfort and confidence that has come from building positive relationships over the years.

With one Trustmark brand, we can maximize those values across our businesses delivering stronger solutions and better service for you, our partners.

Jim Coleman
Senior Vice President & Chief Enterprise Marketing Officer

A reflection of our values

The change to Trustmark one brand has made me reflect on what it is about Trustmark that has made my career path so rewarding. Three main things come to mind:

Our purpose – Every single Trustmark business works to improve people’s lives. Each day, we have the chance to make a real difference in the lives of members and, you, our clients.

Embracing Challenges – Associates have the opportunity to ask for and take on new opportunities and responsibilities. This isn’t true at every company. At Trustmark, we all embrace challenges to deliver solutions for you.

Relationships – I don’t think of the people we work with as colleagues as much as my work family. I draw energy from and value these special relationships. It is why it is only appropriate that “relentless relationships” was selected as one of the core attributes that defines our brand. This change to one brand offers a chance to highlight the values that define our company.

Our new brand will help us share Trustmark’s value with you and in turn, help you share the value we offer to your clients.

Nancy Eckrich
President and CEO, CoreSource

Relentless Relationships. Betterment. Client First.

I have seen firsthand Trustmark’s constant drive to do right by our clients. I’ve especially seen it in our long-term relationships where our clients stick with us through thick and thin, because they know we’ve always been an outstanding partner.

In changing to one Trustmark, we aren’t bridging gaps between businesses. What Trustmark represents collectively is the same as what all of our businesses represent individually. We don’t need to make ourselves something we’re not.

Instead, we are focusing our mutual energy on the opportunity to deliver improved solutions to the market as a single brand identity. We’ve already been living the Trustmark brand; putting our clients first, as separate businesses. Now it’s time to share it as a single entity.

Paul Lotharius
President and CEO, HealthFitness

Our cards may change, our values won’t

I’m pretty well-traveled here at Trustmark. Since I joined the company in 2005, I’ve worked in several different roles. I’ve accumulated a lot of business cards over those 13 years. What struck me as I looked back at the cards, with all of their different logos and brand names, I never felt like I was working for different companies.

It’s because the brand is who we are―how we treat our customers, how we treat each other―and it endures regardless of the logo on your business card. From a customer perspective, it’s irrelevant if you’re a small group, a mid-sized group or a Fortune 100 company.

The way our customers experience Trustmark is the same across the board – Caring. Client-First. Responsive. Betterment. Relentless Relationships. Long-Term. That’s who we are, who we’ve always been, and who we always will be. Now we can leverage those shared traits to deliver you stronger solutions and a simpler Trustmark story.

Sean McManamy
Vice President, Starmark