Insuring your family’s future

Universal life insurance

Continue caring - With Trustmark’s Universal Life insurance, you have a safety net that allows you to continue caring for your loved ones even if you’re not around.

We understand how much it means for policyholders to be able to protect their families. That's why Trustmark's suite of life insurance products provide flexible coverage options to suit any situation.

Universal LifeEvents

Universal LifeEvents® offers life insurance protection along with Living Benefits that adjust to changing needs throughout life.

  • Provides higher benefits during working years when the need for coverage is highest
  • Long-term care benefits remain constant throughout life

Universal Life

Universal Life provides flexible life insurance benefits with Living Benefits the insured can use during their lifetime.

  • Policyholders have the freedom to adjust their policy’s death benefit, cash value and premiums as their needs change
  • The death benefit can be accelerated to help cover long-term care (the death benefit can be restored through optional riders)

Features on both products

  • Both of our policies include long-term care benefits. Learn more about our long-term care solutions and what makes these benefits so valuable.
  • We also offer EZ Value; a program which allows you to start at a lower amount and make small, affordable automatic incremental increases to the value of your policy.
* LIMRA and LIFE Foundation 2013 Insurance Barometer Study.