Voluntary Benefits

Protection for your paycheck

Disability income insurance

A valuable asset - Your family, hobbies, dreams – these are the things that you live for each day. Trustmark’s Disability Income insurance products can help safeguard your income and keep you going.

Trustmark offers two simple and flexible solutions to help protect your income:

Trustmark Paycheck ProtectSM

Paycheck Protect is redefining income protection around your livability and lifestyle, helping ensure that nothing gets in the way or keeps you down. Depending on your plan, Paycheck Protect replaces part of your paycheck when you can’t work due to:
  • Sickness
  • Injury
  • Mental illness
  • Treatment for substance abuse
  • Maternity
Paycheck Protect also includes exciting new features**:
  • With Claim-Free Return, we’ll pay you for every two years you go without a claim.
  • With Jump Start, we’ll send you an extra one-time payment as soon as your claim becomes active, to help with your bills.

Trustmark Disability Income

Trustmark Disability Income helps replace some of your income when you are disabled due to:
  • Non-occupational sickness or injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Complications of pregnancy
Being away from work is a challenge in itself. That’s why we make our disability solutions simple:
  • Benefit payments can come on the same schedule as your paychecks (or weekly, with Paycheck Protect)
  • If your covered disability lasts more than 3 months, your premiums will be waived.**

Maintaining your policy is easy

We don’t just offer simplicity when it’s time to receive benefits, we make managing your policy stress-free as well:
  • Level premiums
  • Portable plans which allow you to take coverage with you even when changing jobs or retiring
  • Guaranteed renewable coverage in most states
Ask your human resources representative to talk to their broker about Trustmark's voluntary benefits. Our insurance products are only offered through an employer and not sold directly to individuals.

 * "Who lives paycheck to paycheck? You might be surprised." CBS News. Aug, 2016.
** Rider availability may vary by plan and state.