Covering the full scope of illness

Critical Illness Insurance

A new perspective - Critical illness insurance is designed based on a simple principle: protect policyholders in a time of need.

Being diagnosed with an illness takes a toll emotionally, but we can help make sure the financial burden of treatment is easier to manage for you and your loved ones. With two unique product designs, we offer a critical illness solution to fit any situation.

Trustmark Critical LifeEvents

Critical LifeEvents is a one-of-a-kind product that provides targeted protection for common illnesses at any stage.
  • Offers broad coverage for the conditions most likely to occur – heart attack, cancer and stroke
  • Includes benefits for early identification and early-stage diagnosis
  • Benefits are paid from an annual benefit amount that replenishes each year

Classic Critical Illness

Our classic critical illness plan protects policyholders in the event of a serious illness.
  • Provides coverage for a wide range of conditions including cancer, heart attack, stroke, ALS, blindness and more
  • Offers a traditional benefits structure

Features on both products

While we offer two unique products, they both share some of the same features including:
  • As long as premiums are paid, your policy remains in effect and you can even take your coverage with you when changing jobs
  • We offer an optional feature that allows you to stop making payments if you become disabled due to illness
  • Wellness benefit options help pay for routine screenings and tests
  • Access to our Best Doctors® program provides medical advice

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