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A new perspective

Critical HealthEventsSM

Offers comprehensive coverage for the conditions most likely to occur – heart attack, cancer and stroke

When we set out to create a new critical illness product, the only thing we knew was that we didn’t know it all. We made many discoveries through our research process and learned that what most people wanted in a product wasn’t necessarily available to them.

Medical advancements have affected the market: diagnoses are made earlier, treatment is different, and early indicators can significantly change a consumer’s health path. Consumers needed a plan that covers them in these ways, and Critical HealthEvents was born.


  • Covers the full scope of the illness from beginning to end and not just when the illness progresses. Proactive treatment and coverage for early stage is just as important.
  • Makes benefit payments less confusing and includes a replenishing annual benefit — no more separation periods or exclusions on reoccurring illnesses.
  • Provides the best benefits possible for the top three most likely conditions: heart attack, cancer and stroke, which cover 94% of all our CI claims (and 90% of the industry’s).

Designed around real policyholder needs, with feedback from people that have been through a critical illness, instead of simply adding to the list of “covered conditions” which ultimately just increases cost.

So, how does it work?

Three Tiers of Benefits
Payment for a covered illness is 100%, 50% or 10% of the selected benefit amount, depending on the diagnosis received. Total benefits payable are subject to the annual benefit amount for the calendar year in which the diagnosis occurs, and payouts reduce the amount available for other covered conditions for the year.

Heart/stroke only policies do not include cancer benefits. Benefits-tier design differs in New York.
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