Services and Solutions

Offering quality benefits protection is just the tip of the iceberg. What employers need are complete benefit solutions that simplify their lives while offering their employees the right protection. Trustmark's exemplary service and administrative solutions help alleviate HR headaches and streamline benefit management.

Benefits Administration Services:

  • Access to numerous benefits administration systems for enrollment support
  • Back-end billing capabilities designed to match payroll cycles and save time and resources

Customized Enrollment Solutions:

  • One-on-one enrollment capabilities no matter the size of the case
  • Customized employee communication services that significantly increase engagement
  • Unique enrollment team experience with one point of contact for support
  • Customized onsite training for enrollers prior to your personalized enrollment

The value of one-on-one

To ensure your benefits enrollment is a success we perform one-on-one enrollments to increase participation, highlight benefit value for the employee and increase satisfaction. In fact, 90 percent of employees who enroll one-on-one with an insurance representative express high levels of satisfaction with enrollment.*

One-one-one enrollments also allow communication of employer initiatives such as 401(k) participation, HDHP adoption or a wellness program. One-on-one enrollment is a catalyst for more engaged, more satisfied and better protected employees.
*Trustmark Independent Employer Survey Conducted by The Connell Group. April, 2015.


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