Winter Holiday Travel Tips: Planning a winter trip?

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, traveling during the winter near the holidays requires planning. It’s a busy time of year at airports, train stations and on our roadways. And, a great time of year to travel to visit friends and family for the holidays or vacation during school and business closings. Plan ahead and follow these travel tips to reduce winter holiday travel dilemmas and stress, and have a more enjoyable experience getting to your destination.

Posted on December 22, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing

Holiday Pet Safety Tips: Care for them like family!

With so many exciting changes taking place this time of year in our homes, holiday pet safety may not be top of mind. But, it’s important to remember that fragrant trees, bright colored lights, shiny ornaments and packages delivered daily, might spell danger to our curious pets. Staying informed about potential hazards during the holiday season will keep your pet safe, healthy and happy.

Posted on December 15, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing

‘Tis the Season: Delicious, healthy holiday recipes!

It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate the season with family, friends and co-workers. This year, get ahead of the game by planning a few healthy low-calorie appetizer and dessert dishes. Healthy bites that look and taste good can be great for everyone to enjoy! We know that a holiday buffet filled with fried, sugary, and high-caloric dishes can make us feel sluggish and tired. During the busiest time of year, it makes sense to try to take care of ourselves by eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and sticking to our exercise routine

Posted on December 08, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing

To buy, or not to buy? What drives employee purchasing behavior for voluntary benefits

It’s a classic question that keeps many sales and marketing professionals up at night: what drives employee purchasing behavior? In the world of voluntary benefits, there isn’t likely to be any one defining factor, but a number of contributing influences that affect the decision to purchase. A recent study of more than 2,800 employees helps to uncover some of what drives employee purchasing behavior when it comes to voluntary benefits.

Posted on December 06, 2016 in Broker News Enrollment

4 things that may surprise you about your voluntary benefits

The first thing anyone does when they receive their insurance policy is read every single word that’s in it and commit the entire thing to memory, right? In an ideal world, that might be true, but chances are that most policyholders do the same thing with their policy that they do with most legal documents: quickly scan it and then file it somewhere for safe keeping. Insurance can feel complex; that’s one of the reasons that Trustmark’s research found that 95 percent of employees want someone to talk to about their benefits.1 So, to help you find some of the useful tidbits you may have missed in your policy, below are four things that may surprise you about your voluntary benefits.

Posted on December 01, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing

A Global Day of Giving – #GivingTuesday

Trustmark Voluntary is proud of the way our associates share their many gifts year-round with so many wonderful causes.

Read about their generosity, talent, love and kindness this #GivingTuesday. 

Posted on November 29, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing Wellness

Make ahead holiday recipes

Make ahead recipes allow time for the Thanksgiving dinner cook to enjoy guests and entertain. Many famous cooks are now admitting to preparing many of their favorite dishes partially or fully ahead of time. Knowing you are prepared for the big day alleviates stress and allows time for other important tasks too.

The following are a couple of make ahead recipes that can save you time on Thanksgiving Day:

Posted on November 21, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing

Men’s Health Checklist…and a little about moustaches

Have you heard the one about the two guys that walked into a bar in Melbourne, Australia? No, not that one! This one is about the Movember Movement; the movement that brought an international light on prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. The movement started in 2003, by two men named Travis Garone and Luke Slattery over a beer discussing ways to bring the moustache back in fashion. Initially, they created a foundation “inspired by the way a moustache could create a conversation”1 that was focused on prostate cancer. And then the Movember Movement grew and grew!

Posted on November 14, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing

5 tips to overcome ACA reporting compliance challenges

The Affordable Care Act is reshaping the insurance industry, leaving many brokers and employers struggling to keep up with the changes. Nowhere is this felt more heavily than with the need to comply with reporting requirements. Because of these requirements, more than half of employers list administrative burdens as the biggest issue posed by the new law.1 An article from Employee Benefit News highlighted five tips that can help brokers and employers manage the challenges of ACA reporting compliance.

Posted on November 02, 2016 in Broker News Industry

Tips for a safe and happy Halloween

Who doesn’t love to dress up? Candy hand-outs, crazy costumes, and the excitement of autumn get big and little kids all pumped up. As the nights get longer and the days get cooler, our minds turn to tricks – and treats! Make sure your Halloween fun is safe and accident-free with these tips for the whole family.

Posted on October 28, 2016 in Health & Wellbeing Wellness

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