Connecting the dots: The value of voluntary benefits for the workforce

Voluntary benefits are an essential tool for employees’ financial protection. The cost-shift of healthcare expenses to employees is no secret and the growing need for voluntary benefits to help cover those costs is well known. The financial security that comes with voluntary benefits is an end in itself, but for employers, there are plenty of other benefits for the workforce that extend well beyond financial protection; all of which are interconnected.

Posted on May 11, 2017 in Employee Communication Industry

Study: complete benefit solutions are a key differentiator

A study from BenefitsPRO and Eastbridge highlights the changing landscape of the voluntary benefits industry. More and more brokers are flocking to voluntary benefits as a source of revenue. With so many brokers entering the market, it's led to several changes in how we see the voluntary industry and what brokers need from their carriers.

Posted on May 04, 2017 in Broker News Sales

Silence is a salesperson’s most valuable tool

By: Joe Goolsby, Regional Sales Director, Midwest Region

I cringe when I see a salesperson portrayed in media. They’re often smooth, fast-talking types with hard-hitting catchphrases: “always be closing”. While high in entertainment value, it doesn’t really fit with what’s effective in the real world. In my experience, being a good salesperson isn’t about talking; it’s about being silent, it’s about listening.

Posted on April 26, 2017 in Sales

Enrollment success for employers and employees: “dos” and “don’ts”

By Rachel Hamann, Regional Sales Representative, Gulf Coast

Enrollments are, for many, the special time of year when all the work of setting up and maintaining a benefits program comes to fruition. With one chance to get it right, there’s a lot of pressure for everything to run smoothly and be a success. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? As we’ll explore in this blog series, changing the way we look at enrollment; as a year-round process, rather than a one-off event provides benefits to brokers, employers and their employees throughout the year.

Posted on April 20, 2017 in Employee Communication Enrollment Industry

Building relationships and social media

By: Dan Johnson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Many people are surprised to learn that when I started out in the insurance industry, I was actually working in IT. Now, my IT skills may not have remained up to date, but I still find the use of technology invaluable. Especially in our industry, where relationships are so important, the technology tools available to us through social media can help build the kinds of deep, lasting relationships which have been the foundation of our success here at Trustmark.

Posted on April 17, 2017 in Industry Sales

April Fools: Don’t let employees be tricked by these common insurance misconceptions

Putting a coworker’s office supplies in Jell-O or hiding your significant other’s car keys may make for some harmless fun on April Fools’ Day but, when it comes to insurance, it’s not quite as much fun when things don’t turn out as expected. To help make sure employees aren’t fooled by common misconceptions about insurance, we’ve compiled several ways employees may have the wrong idea about their options for protection.

Posted on April 12, 2017 in Employee Communication Health & Wellbeing

Maximizing cost savings with wellness and voluntary benefits

For many employers, the words “cost savings” are music to the ears. It’s those words, “cost savings”, which draw so many employers to both wellness programs and voluntary benefits. But, to maximize the rewards from wellness and voluntary benefits, employers need to be familiar with what drives cost savings for both programs: personalized communication.

Posted on March 29, 2017 in Employee Communication Industry Wellness

6 Ways New Critical Illness Insurance Can Better Support Consumers

Think about the changes in technology in the last 20 years; the computing power of cell phones, the growth of social media and self-driving cars are all now very much realities. And, along with those technological advances, there have been just as many changes in the world of medicine and, specifically, how doctors treat critical illness.

Posted on March 22, 2017 in Critical Illness Industry

How to bridge the $12 trillion life insurance gap

The life insurance gap in the United States currently sits at $12 trillion; yes, that’s trillion, with a “T”. When you consider that the current value of the life insurance market sits at $26 trillion, that means that nearly one-third of the life insurance market remains untapped. A recent article from LifeHealthPro highlighted several ways to bridge the life insurance gap and we’ve got some ideas of our own which can help.

Posted on March 15, 2017 in Life Insurance Sales

Americans struggle with financial basics

A healthy financial picture generally consists of a variety of different assets and financial planning decisions. There are a number of basic tools, however, that are essential to financial security. These include having savings, having a retirement plan and life insurance protection. The bad news is that many Americans struggle with these financial basics, but the good news is that there are simple solutions in the world of voluntary benefits that can help.

Posted on March 09, 2017 in Employee Communication Industry Life Insurance

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