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Taking the facts OUT of benefits communication

In the insurance industry, we love statistics. They help give context to the need for our products: “You have a 50 percent chance of facing X” or “2 out of every 3 people encounter Z.” But, the issue with these facts and figures is that, too often, they don’t resonate with consumers.

Last week, our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Dan Johnson, was featured in BenefitsPRO with an article entitled, “Taking the facts OUT of benefits communications.” In it, Dan highlights new research from Trustmark about the need to connect with consumers on an emotional level rather than placing the emphasis on the facts and figures when it comes to insurance. Specifically, the research found that the messages of helping to attain “peace of mind” and purchasing insurance being “the responsible thing to do” were the most frequently cited factors driving an employee purchasing decisions.

Visit BenefitsPRO to read the full article and consider a slightly different approach to benefits communication that will help you connect with employees.

Posted on August 16, 2018 in Employee Communication

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