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Life Insurance Awareness Month: Insurers on insurance

It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month and what better way to raise awareness than to hear about the importance of life insurance from experts who work in it every day? Why do people sell life insurance and what does it mean to them? Hear what the sales team here at Trustmark Voluntary Benefits has to say:

“I own and sell Life Insurance for one simple reason: to protect my loved ones and others just as my loved ones have done for me. 

I was starting my second semester my freshman year in college when my father unexpectedly passed, leaving my mom to finish raising my sister and I. He had the foresight to own a large life insurance policy, which allowed my mom to grieve and be able to pay for his kids’ college. My dad was always thinking of the future and taught us the same thing. 

I got married a few years later to my college sweetheart. Heidi and I were very focused on our careers and enjoyed triathlons from the beginning. Early on, we decided to buy life insurance because we wanted to protect one another should anything happen. Nine years later, while training for an Ironman together, something did happen. Heidi was in a cycling accident and passed away a month later. Fortunately, she had a life insurance policy that allowed me to secure our finances and provided me the time to grieve the passing of my wife of just 3 months shy of our 10-year anniversary.  

I own and sell life insurance because I am remarried with two beautiful kids and want to protect them and others as I was protected.”

- Jimmy Stoffer, Regional Sales Representative, Dallas/Fort Worth Region 

“Love is spelled L-I-F-E… understanding my role as a father and husband, as a provider, mentor and life partner has made it easy to appreciate the need for protection in the event something were to happen. Life is about enjoying the ride each day, creating lifetime memories and understanding the vision for the future together. What life insurance provides me is confidence that no matter which direction life takes me, my family can continue to dream each and every day.”

- Jay Weingart, Regional Sales Director, Florida

“While planning for bad things that could happen is not fun, it is necessary for peace of mind and to protect your family if you’re not here. My family recently grew with the addition of our second son, which is a great reminder of why I have life insurance. Ensuring that my wife and children are protected and that their dreams are not limited by me passing on helps me sleep at night.”

Shaun Urista, Regional Sales Manager, South Central & Gulf Coast

“I sell Permanent Life Insurance because so many people think their Term insurance will be there when they retire or leave employment. Only to find out they really don’t have a life insurance policy in place to protect their assets and take care of their family. They just rented a policy for all those years.” 

- Marcia Oyster, Senior Regional Sales Director, Ohio Valley Region

“I believe in the importance of individual life insurance because I have seen in my own life the way it can save a family from financial ruin―and also what happens when someone doesn’t have adequate coverage. I have always taught my children that security is found in knowing you have options. Life insurance provides both security and options for you and your loved ones.”

- Frank Morang, Senior Regional Sales Director, Empire Region

“Having been on the Life sales side now for 17 years, I have seen and heard the devastating stories of death. Some were prepared and had left life insurance behind for their loved ones, and others had not. For me, buying life insurance gives me peace of mind. Grief of losing a loved one is hard enough but, when those that are left behind are now fighting to stay afloat financially, it is unimaginable. I want to make sure my family’s future is taken care of if I’m no longer around.”

- Joe Goolsby, Regional Sales Director, Midwest Region

“The conversation around Life insurance is tough. I will do anything for my family! My husband and I dream of sharing so many of life’s moments together and we both have life insurance because, if we can’t be here for our children, we don’t want their dreams to end. I don’t want to miss a moment. I also want to sleep well knowing our family has financial security. We have life insurance and pray we don’t need it for many years to come.”

- Jodi Allen, Regional Sales Director, Mountain Region

“I’d love to believe we’re all correct in our belief that nothing bad is going to happen to us. Unfortunately, we know that bad things do happen and I’ve seen too many times where the toughest days of someone’s life become tougher because, on top of grief, they have enormous financial stress. I sell life insurance because I know what a huge difference it can make it the lives of the people we leave behind.” 

- Cy Moser, Regional Sales Representative, Alleghany Mountain Region

"Life insurance, to me, is peace of mind. We all want to know our family will not have to struggle financially during what could be the most difficult time of their lives. My husband and I hate to even think of these 'what if' scenarios, but it’s always better to be prepared. Education, maintaining a home and life in general is costly and we always want our family to have financial security even in tough times."  

- Rachel Montalbano, Regional Sales Representative, Gulf Coast Region

"Life insurance is not a 'one-policy-fits-all' product and far too many individuals don’t understand the various insurance options that can provide them the best coverage for their personal financial needs.  I sell insurance to help people prepare for the unexpected and protect the loved ones left behind.  My job becomes less about selling, and more about consulting."

Jamie Miller, Regional Sales Director, LA/Ventura County

Posted on September 20, 2018 in Life Insurance

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