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This is my story: Kellie Ortiz

By: Kellie Ortiz, Senior Manager, Customer Promise & Customer Care

Some people might have the wrong idea about customer service, or as we call it here at Trustmark: customer care and customer promise. They tend to think that our job primarily consists of fielding calls from upset customers or explaining the nuances of an insurance policy to a policyholder. However, our job is actually so much more than that. Do we have the odd complaint? Of course! But, we also get to be a part of providing protection to people at incredibly vulnerable moments in their lives; we get to see and experience first-hand what our protection means to policyholders.

My story

One story that has always stuck with me that, I think, captures why I value my role is the story of a firefighter that I had the privilege to work with several years ago. We work with fire and police service men and women across the country, but this one stood out because it reflected the best of what we offer as well as the best of our brave service people.

It started with one of those unfortunate calls where we found out that one of our customers had terminal cancer. That’s never an easy call to take, but there was a silver lining. The entire team involved with this fireman’s case—the broker, the Trustmark salesperson and the customer care team—all got involved to personally help make sure that the fireman and his family understood their coverage and what they should expect.

Everyone rallying around this family was incredible to see. It’s also one of the reasons I’m passionate about what I do. There is a lot that goes into providing insurance, but being on the front lines and being able to interact with customers, see how our products impact them, and also how much the protection we provide helps is why I’ve been working in insurance for more than 20 years.

It’s a moving and uplifting experience to be able to help someone at a time when they are in such desperate need of aid. That is why I care about what I do. That’s why I’m happy to be a part of a company that shares that commitment of listening to and caring for customers.

About the author:
Kellie Ortiz joined Trustmark in 1990 and just celebrated her 28th year with Trustmark. As a Senior Manager she is responsible for developing and managing the Inforce Operations Customer Promise Team.   

Posted on May 04, 2018 in Critical Illness Customer Service

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