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Tackling 5 common football injuries

By: Mike Feeney, Regional Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region

Like many Americans, football may be on your mind this weekend. As you sit down with your friends and family to enjoy the game, you hope that your team wins, maybe an exciting halftime show and, of course, that no one gets injured. But, if there are injuries, you also might want to hope that the players have good Accident insurance coverage. A look at the most common football injuries could tell you why:

1. ACL/MCL injuries – These injuries can be from both contact and non-contact injuries. If a player makes a cut or other quick change of direction, they can easily damage their ACL or MCL. They’re also at risk from a block or tackle that causes damage.

2. Shoulder injuries – Whether you fall on your arm jumping to make a catch or while getting tackled, dislocations, sprains and breaks are all a possibility in football.

3. Ankle/Foot injuries – Much like the ACL and MCL, when you’re making a sudden change of direction it’s easy to sprain an ankle. On top of that, the added weight of a 300 pound lineman can quickly compound any awkward twisting of an ankle.

4. Wrist injuries – Wrist injuries can come in a number of ways, the most obvious of which is tackling or falling down after a tackle. Any play where someone is jumping for a ball or bracing themselves after being knocked down comes with the potential of injuring a wrist.  

5. Torn hamstrings – A wide receiver running a fly route or a running back trying to hit a hole could easily be susceptible to a torn hamstring. Bursts of speed can cause the hamstrings to tear if a player is not properly conditioned or sufficiently warmed up.

So, where does Trustmark’s Accident insurance come in? Our products provide targeted protection for the most common injuries that people are likely to experience, many of which are on this list. In fact, we provide the highest total benefit for the 13 most common injuries. While professional players may have medical staff to help treat them for their injuries, consumers should consider accident insurance for their everyday life—especially for anyone dreaming of being the next Gridiron Great.

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Posted on January 31, 2018 in Accident Insurance

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