Retirement challenges and action

Special Guest Author: Frank Shimsky, President & CEO of Personal Communications, Inc.

Over the years at meeting after meeting with employers, I’ve heard a similar complaint, “Most of my employees aren’t saving enough for retirement; many don’t even receive the full match.” It’s common to read that most Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement, especially since, according to the Census Bureau, 79% of Americans work for an employer that sponsors a 401(k)-style plan.1 

Posted on May 24, 2018 in Employee Communication

eBook: Voluntary Benefits and the Millennial Customer

Millennials are often discussed as sort of a mythical demographic that no one knows how to talk to or what drives their behavior. This is often because millennials aren’t hitting the “traditional” life stages at the “traditional” ages. They’re getting married later (or not at all), they’re having kids later (or, again, not at all) and their value system is different from previous generations. With all of these differences, how do you reach millennial consumers to share the value of voluntary benefits?

Posted on May 16, 2018 in Employee Communication

This is my story: Kellie Ortiz

By: Kellie Ortiz, Senior Manager, Customer Promise & Customer Care

Some people might have the wrong idea about customer service, or as we call it here at Trustmark: customer care and customer promise. They tend to think that our job primarily consists of fielding calls from upset customers or explaining the nuances of an insurance policy to a policyholder. However, our job is actually so much more than that.

Posted on May 04, 2018 in Critical Illness Customer Service

Your accident insurance not-to-do list

At Trustmark, we take great pride in protecting our policyholders from all sorts of bumps, bruises, scrapes, sprains and breaks. We understand that, sometimes, trouble finds you and you need to be protected from the out-of-pocket costs that come with an accident. However, if you go looking for trouble, that’s where you can run into, well… trouble.

Posted on April 26, 2018 in Accident Insurance Health & Wellbeing

This is my story: Tom Homrighausen

By: Tom Homrighausen, Regional Sales Manager, Southern California

As someone who works in insurance, I spend a lot of time in meetings at various offices, traveling to visit clients and reading and reviewing documents. When that’s your day-to-day routine, it’s easy to think that’s what working in insurance is: meetings, documents and numbers. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. For me, and I’m sure for many other insurance professionals, I work in this industry because it provides a chance to help people when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Posted on April 18, 2018

Help Kick Stress to the Curb

Everybody deals with stress at some point or another, and it almost seems to be a given—nay, a badge of honor—in the modern world. While stress can have an immediate and tangible impact on your body, if it goes on too long, it can also lead to long-term effects such as lack of sleep, headaches, high blood pressure, and a weakening of the immune system. For National Stress Awareness Month, here are some tips to help you alleviate the tension:

Posted on April 17, 2018 in Health & Wellbeing Wellness

A thin labor market puts benefits in the spotlight

By: Dan Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

A company’s success is built on the work of its employees. By extension, that makes hiring (and retaining) the best and brightest employees a critical part of success. Today, unemployment is low: 4.1 percent. Keep in mind, that 4.1 percent is an average, so in some places, that number may be much lower. That’s a good thing for employees, but for employers looking to hire, that means competition is fierce because there are simply fewer options.

Posted on April 11, 2018 in Broker News Employee Communication

How to find long-term care options in today’s marketplace - Part 2

By: Adam Bezman, Senior Director of Product and Innovation

With the collapse of long-term care (LTC) insurance options and numerous carriers leaving the market, consumers are clamoring for options. At the same time, health insurance premiums are continuing to rise, and for some, they increased up to 50 percent this year—leaving consumers with less disposable income to spend on voluntary products like life and LTC insurance.1 Finding a policy with both life and an LTC option, at a good rate, can be a real challenge. 

Posted on April 03, 2018 in Life Insurance

Critical illness insurance doesn’t have to be “critical”

By: Christin Kuretich, Senior Director, Product & Innovation

Critical Illness insurance was born in concept due to the soaring medical bills people would find themselves shackled with after surviving a critical health event, such as a heart attack or cancer. They may have survived the illness, but their financial well-being could have taken a hit. The need for a product like this made sense. The overall idea made sense. But over time, challenges arose.

Posted on March 27, 2018

How to find long-term care options in today’s marketplace - Part 1

By: Adam Bezman, Senior Director of Product & Innovation

With market exits from major long-term care carriers, how are consumers getting access to these needed benefits, affordably? In this series, we will discuss two life and long-term care policy options. In particular, benefit restoration and a flexible death and long-term care benefit. Both provide a significant amount of value to the policyholder, but not all of these plan options are created equal.

Posted on March 21, 2018 in Life Insurance

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